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February 20, 2009


Sheila Stokes

I know that is not funny because you were trying to get help but that is funny. Facebook tech support definitely needs help. If it wasn't artificial un(intelligence) then it would have to be someone who doesn't really understand the English language and what you were asking got lost in the translation. I have had some of the same trouble with other companies tech support for my computer. They would tell me to do something that had nothing to do with my problem and when I would protest and ask a question about how that would help with my problem I would get a preset answer that didn't answer my question. I like talking to a REAL person when I need help that can understand what my problem is and is willing to help resolve it. I hope you never have to deal with Facebook support again.


I did have a business name (also my nickname) set up as a profile without realising I was breaching any rule. It was mainly for fun but I recognised the value of having my business name out there. I decided to sign up for Facebook Ads to help promote my business, so I filled all the on-line forms in and submitted. Next day I could not log in - my profile had been disabled completely. I managed to find an email address for Facebook to ask why I'd been disabled. They explained the rules and told me I had to start a new profile, I couldn't use the old email address, and all my data, pics, Friends etc could not be transferred. I had to start again. I did, and also started a Fan Page for my business. But after several weeks of being offline, being treated like a criminal, starting all over, do you think I was interested in giving Facebook money for advertising? Not likely..

Jack Yan

I have stories to tell about this, too, but they didn’t get to this point. I put it down to the fact that Facebook support staff are illiterate.

Shame, really. When I first joined up I had real human responses that were actually addressed to me.

Nung Warman

Hi Jane, i ve letter of facebook team re;Sign up,reactivied disabled account, Letter exactly like above previous ; Please reply to this email...etc inconvinece....than If this email is not associated with youre account....see above....Also i was display my email address on facebook as well my birthday party photos, i assume could eassy other person acting on in facebook as me. I am much confuse now ,how to get back to facebook ,which i love doing its part the daily life, please help me, expected good news from you , thank you, sincerely nung warman

nicholas wilson

im replying to verify my account

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