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December 20, 2009


Melissa Pierce

I had the same experience as an employer, the men didn't seem to have a problem asking for more, the women simply didn't. Does it stem from our cultural need to be accommodating, to be agreeable. Do we sell ourselves short out of fear of being perceived arrogant? Is this the same reason more women don't speak at tech conferences, because women just don't know how to play ball in a skirt?
As an employer, I tended to reward the people who asked for raises, and gave the people who didn't ask what they expected they'd get. It wasn't until much later in my career that I realized the gender gap of those that thought they were deserving.

I hope that by the time my daughter decides to enter the work force, she'll have tits enough to ask for three times the going rate and expect to get it.

Aliza Sherman

I wish I had tits enough to ask for 3x the going rate...and get it!! ;-)

Even as an entrepreneur, I'm horrible at negotiating. I also find that when I quote a fair price that is higher than I've asked for before, I cringe and brace myself for rejection. Know what happens??

Male clients say "Fine. You're worth that."

Female clients say "We can't afford you" and go elsewhere.

What does THAT say???!!!

Diane K. Danielson

As you know I agreed with Mr.Rein with regard to his "women don't ask" point (it was the "don't be sexy" tip that I took issue with). I admit, I once fired an entire staff of women and replaced them with men. Why? Because I found it easier to work with guys. And, I needed a team that could work well with the mostly male sales force/clients. I didn't intend to hire all men, but they exuded a certain confidence that I felt would enable them to perform better.

My guilt over that (and a later incident re: not standing up in my company for a better maternity policy) led to my founding the Downtown Women's Club. I wanted to give women the opportunity to build a network and learn the soft and hard skills that the men seemed to possess.

I thought things were getting better, but the Forbes article makes me think that not much has changed.

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