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December 31, 2009


Tresha Thorsen

Hugs Aliza for this affirmation and such a simple yet profound declaration...so very true...I like to think that we always have the hunch or nudge of what we wanna change..it's simply that applying part that stumps us sometimes...we should open up that dialogue more...grateful for knowing you...however i can be there to support you in your endeavor to be more whole, holler...thank you for being there to listen to me :)

Isle Dance

I've started with my laundry pile...and if all goes well, the sky is the limit.

Pop and Ice

I'm looking forward to reading this series! I'm sure it will be helpful for me in the New Year.

Paula G

Excellent & succinct! Love this post. I would refine the "Apply" step to embody a willingness to change. If you're not willing deep down, no amount of action steps will ever get you there. Willingness and committment coupled with the awareness & clarity you speak of - total home run.

For me - I am taking things less personally & having a lot more fun in 2010.

aliza sherman

Isle Dance: Starting with a laundry pile is AWESOME. I'm learning to find those zen moments in folding laundry.

Paula G: Being willing and committed - two very important qualities. Without, you can't make things happen.

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