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February 19, 2010



Wow! Now I'm afraid to experiment with FB ads on my jobhunt campaign--at least until this issue is resolved. Thanks for pointing it out!


Thanks for letting us know!

Mary LaFever

Yes, thanks for the expertly detailed saga; interesting. Any reason to let them know that you know or are wondering? or would that make it worse......am glad to have the alert, anyway.

Nik Hewitt

Well spotted! And awesome heads-up, thanks Aliza. No one moves the goal posts like Facebook, but it's a poor show when they move them while you're not looking. Would *love* to hear their reasoning for this one...

Aliza Sherman

I think the lesson is to be very very diligent. I can't say this will stop me from using Facebook social ads because of their proven power, however, you have to watch your campaigns - even while you are submitting them - like a hawk.

Susan @ New Niche Finder

Facebook is an expert in bait and switch. Think offering a safe environment and then changing privacy policies. It won't stop me from advertising there because that's where my peeps are but it certainly pays to be extremely cautious when dealing with them.

Julie Pollock

I've had a problem this past week as an unwitting sender of an ad on Weight Loss. A link came to me from a FB friend and then was sent to my whole friends list under my name...as if I was recommending a quick-weight loss diet plan. Some people thought I did send it. One asked that I remove them from my list. I reported it to FB. Not sure yet if it's turned off but this nearly made me close my account! Your problem is in the same timeframe...insidious!


This makes me think of the same sort of thing using AdWords on Google. The tutorial by the Chief Economist at Google is clear, simple and opened my eyes to why I do not want to do this on a small biz site for my friend. Who knew?!

Aliza Sherman

I've just submitted a piece to Web Worker Daily outlining the findings on this post and then an ADDENDUM that came up today, believe it or not. That should go up sometime Monday.


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Normally there are such problems with Facebook?, it is worrying ...

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Tsktsk.. I think you must address this to the FB authorities.

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I think you must directly address this problem to facebook so that if there really are some bugs, they could immediately fix it. :)


I’m hoping that we’ll end up with a slew of prototyped ideas and a bunch of happy people. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more hard work until we can turn those embryonic proofs of concept into living

Richard Fairfull

Thanks for the great info and providing the forum. I have noticed similar behavior. Also observed that pricing varies with CTR. CTR goes up, bid price goes down and vice versa. Your goal is to place ad, monitor for a few hours as clicks come in. If CTR is favorable and auto bid price will trend down. If your are using Google Tracking code and opt in's are high auto bid price will decrease further. FB will automatically lower the bid.

-Rich Fairfull

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