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February 24, 2010


Doubledown Tandino

I want to let you know the same things have been happening to me also.

To combat this, what I have done is the following:

1) I've given them a credit card that does not exist. Meaning, currently, they have no money from me. It's not something I'd like to be in place, but if they're going to try to charge me for unwanted and unwarranted purchases, then I don't want to get a bill I disagree with.

2) I've had to check my facebook ads I am currently running about 3 times a day.

3) I have been bidding about 50 cents lower than their low end suggested pricing

4) I have been capping the daily spending at $1

.... Facebook is either trying to pull something sneaky... or they're glitches... and, my only defense is to beat them at their own game.

r4i sdhc

I never use to pay online because I am always afraid from this type of game so.Last shopping online also bed experience so never shopping to online now!

Aliza Sherman

DT - when you bid 50 cents lower, does your ad get placed? One of the switches on a client's ad made the bid suddenly 50 cents too low and it ran out after the first day w/o any further impressions provided. Only billed $1.16, but still that was a wash for the promotion client was running.

Doubledown Tandino

@Aliza ... the way I start a facebook ad is to bid on the low end of their suggested bid price, and let that run for 24 hours. Then, the following day, I drop my bid price to 10 cents or 20 cents. The ad does not perform as well (as in, much less impressions)... but it stays up and running. The ads I happen to be running currently target 800-1200 people in a local area, so I don't need to have my ads run non-stop and to masses of people. I think if I do CPC, and I'm targeting 1000 people, and I see 20,000 impressions, and about 30 click thrus, then it's doing an okay job.

By the way, since my last comment, I've paused my ads. Facebook wants me to pay $13, and they don't have a valid credit card on file for me... hahahaha... I'll pay em though soon, I just don't want to store my credit card info on facebook. grrr

Jacqui Riker

Found this article after searching for info on Facebook bidding - oh yes, I tried to find something on Facebook, to no avail. Started an ad at low end .55 CPC - ad stopped after one day - finally realized the suggested bid was now 1.95 - 2.10 - What????

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