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March 21, 2010



Still thinking about what you found out--but one thing--look at All Our Experts and see your avatar is the most timid and closed looking--is she really pigeon-toed? Did you choose her? If so, maybe change her to something more dynamic like you IRL!


I found the QDT listener survey and answered it. Are the ratings possibly determined by the response of listeners via this survey? Or how?

Stever Robbins

I can't wait to hear your revamped show! My fingers are crossed; with luck, I've created a monster!

aliza sherman

Kay - very interesting about the avatar. I didn't pick it - it was designed for each podcaster and is not meant to represent the person hosting the show.

renaissance costume

Yes.. Thats the spirit.. Use that a motivation that you have to strive hard everyday in order to attain what you want.. I wish you all the best. Good Luck!


I think you stick to facts and I like it--hope you don't fall in the "look-at-me" hole Michiko Kakutani describes ("the emphasis that blogging and partisan political Web sites place on subjectivity)" in her fantastic New York Times article http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/21/books/21mash.html


For what it's worth, I've followed The Digital Marketer since the beginning and I love it. Your subject matter is great and your treatment is innovative. I learn to teach from people like you. Keep the faith.


I look forward to hearing the new version too (I listen to lots of episodes at once in chunks), but I really liked the old version too and thought it was spot on and informative. I also recommended it to my friends. I also listen to Stever. Yeah, he is a bit weirder than you, but I like him anyway. ;) Good luck!


Had another thought - it may not be YOU, but the name of the show that attracts less viewers in passing? It may not be clear to the "masses" what "Digital Marketing" means, at least it is less universal than "grammar girl" or "Get it Done Guy". Yes, I think it might just be that the subject matter is less "universal" rather than something wrong with your show. Best, Eve


Hmm . . . what I find interesting is that today, I subscribe to 4 QDT podcasts. Of note, I unsubscribed to "Get It Done Guy" because, even though he occassionally had ideas I liked, I found his voice and style so annoying, it was not worth it. Your's was by far my favorite. I always looked forward to picking up something interesting and useful, as opposed to feeling I needed to listen to a podcast to stay ahead of the curve on an issue. Oh well, pleased you have the zenofdigital up. In dealing with failure, I usually really try to focus on understanding what are my core values and how I deviated from them. Most recently, I focused on lines of poetry and things that remain in my head from high school 40 years ago. From that I learned my core values were process and not goal oriented, abstract and not material. I am trying to live into that.


I love your podcast! I think it's one of the most relevant podcasts out there today, as it covers everything I'm always wondering about when marketing online, well, almost everything!

Anyways, I'll take the survey as well and see if it helps!

You rock Eliza!

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