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April 12, 2010


John (The Husband) Sullivan

This reminds me of what my new bride told someone who asked why we had decided to get married so soon, after a fairly short time dating. As I remember it, she told them "We're old!".

My personal preference for the people who ask if I'm the grandfather of our boys is to simply say "Nope." and let 'em twist...

Deanna Dalrymple

I just tell people that I'm the mother AND the grandmother and let 'em twist.... since I had my kids at an older age I tell people that I'm going to spoil them like a grandmother would. The shocker to me is at school meetings and graduations when the parents are young enough to be my kids (now that mine are older). Really don't care what others think. You do have to pace yourself though.

Reid Sullivan

@Deanna: You are my role model for many things, including handling older motherhood with verve!

Allegra Knight

This really resonates with me. (Except for the motherhood aspect) I have been writing similar blog posts- right down to the "late-bloomer" aspect. I am currently 38 and about to divorce for a second time. I achieved my BA at 35 and just entered a masters program (I finally got around to following a lifelong dream.)

I always planned to age gracefully but now that aging is imminent, I am considering changing my mind about that decision. Anyone know a good plastic surgeon? Kidding. maybe.


Ha! Those twiggy NY fashionistas only WISH they looked as fab as we do with our naturally silver strands. And, as my 3 year old daughter has pointed out to me, her 42 year old mother, I'm lucky because I have TWO colors in my hair: black and white! Since giving up the "luxury" of coloring a year or so ago, I've gained back at least 24 hours per year of my life (figure about 4 cut/colors per year at about 3 hours a pop), and it's all bonus time I can spend with my daughter. And, only twice have I been mistaken for her grandmother. Most of the time, I just rake in the compliments about my "striking" look. I can live with that..


Good for you! That must have made them feel very little. People are never too old to start a new chapter in their life. They will do so when they're ready and not when others tell them they're ready. Kudos to you for living the life the way you want to!

medieval dresses

I love your honesty. and I should say that you are very lucky to be blessed by having children at a late age.. :)

I wish you all the best in life and may you enjoy your life together with your boys.. I know you will.. :)

Maternity nursing clothing

cool! wish you good luck and congratulations in advance. LOL

renaissance dresses

I'm happy for you. Don't mind that you are a late bloomer. You are blessed and that's for sure. :)

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