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July 14, 2010


Kami Huyse


Thanks for your reasoned view of this. In fact my original post didn't mention Peter and only used the tweet as an example.

I actually don't think the sentiment behind the tweet was wrong (ie boundary setting, value of time and desire to be paid for your work). What bothered me was telegraphing an hourly rate to followers in such a flippant way. It automatically puts you well above a vast majority of people in value.

That said, it was an example and not me calling Peter himself arrogant. It was me saying we all need to be mindful about saying arrogant things, especially as we grow in popularity. I also happen to have another view on this since both of my business partners are published authors, we all get requests like this all the time, and we all would never dream of dropping a tweet like that. Style differences indeed.

But you are right, it was an honest difference of opinion vs. a war (as it is being portrayed).

Alanagh Recreant

Aliza, you say: "We each draw our lines in the sand at different places, and we each have the right to be as selfish or as generous as we want to be. We don't have to agree with someone else's choices".

I agree. I like it when people set their boundaries clearly. It makes sense. Some how, we have preconceived notions about when it is justifiable to be generous or not And when one can say what your hourly rate is, and when not. Or how you say it.

Personally, I prefer: Do not try and be so 'correct' in working in the "private profit" or "public profit" businesses (my personal choice for distinction) but rather be direct in content, and kind in approach.

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