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October 12, 2010



I can't help but giggle a little as I recently saw the documentary, Helvetica in my Typography class. Really Gap?

Saul Colt

I am not sure how to find this out but I would love to know if all the people who created the social media storm of attention to the Gap's logo even shop there. I am a gap customer and buy their stuff because it fits me and seems to be good quality and not because their logo was bad.

just my .02!


p.s. - Love the blog and cant wait to read the book!

Aliza Sherman

I love Gap and show there when I can afford it. Most of my best "business wear" comes from there. But I do more of my clothes shopping at their sister store Old Navy.

While the logo change would not have changed my shopping habits, I would have thought "ew" every time I saw it. It was so weak, like watered down coffee.


you know what? the agency wasn't the problem. the gap *approved* a crap logo. it's as though the creative brief said "make it look like american apparel's logo, but add our trademark blue somehow."

if they had crowd sourced it, they would have had cheaper crap. but it still would have been crap because they seem to think crap logos are actually awesome.

crowdsourcing isn't a panacea. picking good designers and good designs is.

Natalie Sisson

Thanks Aliza for sharing this. I had heard someone make reference to it at BlogWorld and clearly missed the press on this one.

They definitely should have gone out to their fans to ask them - I mean why change what already works? The new one is clearly crap too.

People like their clothes for a reason and it ain't their logo.


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