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May 01, 2011


Tre ~

i'm so nodding with much you say here.
i've not even yet purchased an ipad. i tend to do all on my iphone yet i wanted to explore the spacial depth.
here are the questions i'm asking:
what -- if i could have access at fingertips--would enhance my now. or that of any woman.
i want an app that shows me all my options for alternative healthcare.
in any given area. you can look up restaurants and shops and other establishments. i want an app that no matter where i am i can find reliable care....for me...for my children (i am not a mom yet just saying) for my loved ones.
and i would adore if included on those apps, interviews/video with the servicecare providers...so i can check them out and build a sense of trust ahead of time :)

good luck learning how to delete the cookie making app :)

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