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October 31, 2011


Paul Baguley

I very much enjoyed you post - I look at Klout occasionally, and whilst I understand it's ego-bait - I still feel miserable if it drops.

Lord only knows why.

From now on I shall take your advice - and get on with 'life and work and do meaningful things'.


Aliza Sherman

Ego-bait. That describes it, Paul. I do know how you feel, however, as I have had my moments early on when I checked my score. We all do it at one point or another. All except the gazillions of people who have never heard of Klout and could care less about it when they do.


Why, if it weren't for Klout, then I never would have known how influential I am about Norway(?), Pancakes(?!), and Toilet Paper(!?!). If Klout is a game, I seem to be losing big time LOL!


Excellent post, Aliza! I think as long as Klout has zero transparency, they will have zero credibility. The whole thing is a joke! But unfortunately, many people DO think it is accurate and use it.

Aliza Sherman

Thanks, Kelby. I think this is the best blog post yet about Klout: http://www.richardrbecker.com/2011/11/scoring-social-rise-and-fall-of-klout.html

It is the biggest scam ever, and the post tells it like it is - ala Dr. Seuss!

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