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November 22, 2011


Parker Trewin

Thanks for the post. I have a couple of thoughts.

For several years the line between public information and private information has been evolving as the technology has evolved. As you allude to in your piece, the Internet is not a private space. Companies like Google, Facebook and others have been tracking your information for a long time. In fact it's not limited to the Internet. You only need to have a coupon handed to you by the Safeway checker (or is more often the case by the automated check out station) to know that Safeway is tracking your purchases. It's a trade off we are making when we are opting in to the service. I think that Internet is akin to walking down Market Street in SF at noon time - everyone can see you but few are actually paying attention.

Now in the online environment more are paying attention and are broadcasting this. This is also not new. Ask any celebrity who has had the misfortune to send out an ill-timed tweet. Yet should the everyday person be exposed in the same manner? The rules of engagement are continually changing. Users will vote by their actions- which brings me to my second point.

It's not that we can't manage our privacy on Facebook because the options are there. Yet, auto sharing and privacy management might have unintended consequences for Facebook - making it both too noisy and too much of a bother to maintain.

Then we'll see the rules of engagement tilt the opposite direction.

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